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After a long wait, Shark Island have returned with their most ambitious album to date! In celebration of BLOODLINE's release on 11.11.2019, this collectors edition is limited to only 1111 copies worldwide! 
Grab your copy today before they are gone forever! 
Day of the Dead: Alive in Zagreb
Recorded live on Halloween, in Zagreb, Croatia
Limited edition LP on orange vinyl only.
Gathering of The Faithful Out Now!

1.  Blue Skies  4:31

2.  Tomorrow's Child  4:50

3.  The Stranger  4:54

4.  Go West  4:23

5.  Welcome Goodbye  4:45

6.  Life Goes On  5:59

7.  Down To The Ground  3:53

8.  Looking For The Sun  6:49

9.  Heaven  5:30

10.  I Had A Dream  3:44

11.  Will To Power  5:52

12.  Need Your Love  5:37

13.  Temptation  5:19


Total Running Time:  66:06


4.0 out of 5 stars Nice follow up to Law of the Order


Format: Audio CD

Zeppelin never put out a great follow up to II,Savatage had a hard time trying to match Hall of the Mountain King,my point being that some bands just put out a debut that will never be matched.This second outing from Shark Island is solid from first track to last.

It at times sounds like Law of The Order but with a slightly more blues feel.

Law of The Order

  1. Paris Calling

  2. Shake for Me

  3. Somebody's Falling

  4. Bad for Each Other

  5. Passion to Ashes

  6. Spellbound

  7. Get Some Strange

  8. Why Should I Believe

  9. Ready or Not

  10. Chain

Jake R.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars “awesome"



If you're a fan of what I call the best music done, that is 80's Metal. Band's like Racer X, Queensryche, Ratt, Mötley Crue, Ozzy, Y&T the list goes on and on. Shark Island will not disappoint. Songs like Get some strange, Paris is Calling, Ready or not, Shake for Me and the awesome remake of a Fleetwood Mac tune The Chain which really kicks up the value of the band. If you missed this band back in the day no worries bro, it's just as strong today. Check'em out you won't be sorry.

Bastille Day Alive At The Whiskey (Live)

1. Paris Calling 5:41

2. Ready or Not 3:39

3. Shake for Me 4:34

4. Get Some Strange 4:31

5. Passion to Ashes 3:58

6. Make a Move 4:17


Total length: 26:40 


The MOST overlooked and underrated band by the record industry during the 1980's Sunset Strip rock band heyday, Shark Island led by vocalist extraordinaire Richard Black took Hollywood by storm. No other vocalist was as reverred as Black by other vocalist and band members alike. Their cover versions of T-Rex "Bang A Gong", Sinatra's "New York, New York, and a clever "Santa Claus is Coming To Town" lyrics recorded over Judas Priest "Heading Out to the Highway" to name a few earned them their #1 spot in Hollywood and throughout the So. California music scene with a tremendous fan base. Bill Gazarri took a special interest in them recording "NY,NY" in the studio for release on a single and made them his house band for some time. Something he hadn't had that same fire for since Van Halen was his house band in the late 1970's. SHARK ISLAND was signed to Epic records but wasn't given the push or radio play they deserved. Recommend: Check out their many YouTube videos including an overwhelming favorite "Paris Calling". See an earlier version of the band called SHARKS.


1.  Deja Vu  

2.  Sex Drive  

3.  Excess Marks the Spot  

4.  Here Comes Trouble  

5.  Puss 'N' Boots  

6.  Read My Lips  

7.  Automatic Girls  

8.  New York, New York  

9.  Palace of Pleasure  

 juan carlos

Muy Buen album debut! 8 temas de HardRock con cierta melodía para degustar menos la versión del "New York.." de Sinatra. La lenta "Read My Lips" es de mis favoritas y un buen solo. En "Sex Drive" tiene todo el aire a Billy Idol y en varios temas. Que portada para mas infantil pero la música en ella es mas que disfrutable, la producción si no es de las mejores pero lo mismo que en el disco de White Tiger la música es lo que cuenta. 7.5/10

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