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Find the translated review of Bloodline below.

Unexpected return

Even though this formation released a very respectable album with "Gathering Of The Faithful" in 2006, these gentlemen from the US Of A should be primarily due to their "S'Cool Bus" and "Law Of The Order" albums, which were released in the late 80s "to be remembered. If anything, because the band founded by singer Richard Black in 1979 as SHARKS was quickly able to make a name for itself in home L.A., but internationally, SHARK ISLAND remained a relatively small number in direct comparison to various other L.A. hard rockers.

The mentioned comeback album couldn't do much about that, and even little attention was paid to the fact that the group only went to Europe for a few shows a few years ago. Anyway, with "Bloodline" band leader Black (who was involved in the legendary, only album of the all-star troupe CONTRABAND in 1991) tries to re-establish the company SHARK ISLAND. In addition to his former drummer Christian Heilmann and the Croatian shredder Damir Simic, he was also able to hire Alex Kane as guitarist, who is also responsible for the extremely successful, powerful production.

The formation chose 11.11.2019 for the digital publication of the eleven songs, after all it was on this day that the 40th anniversary of the foundation was celebrated. Nice idea, but you shouldn't expect "Bloodline" to have any sentimentality or a "retro aspect", even if it would be worth the occasion.

None of this, the material sounds fresh, has been kept up to date in terms of production technology and turns out to be a real hook treasure trove. The casual rocking opener 'Make A Move' makes it clear that a formation is at work here that it obviously wants to know again. And at the latest with the catchy tune 'Fire In The House' it is clear that SHARK ISLAND are still very relevant. The interpretation of the DEPECHE MODE track 'Policy Of Truth' also shows the tact of the musicians when dealing with foreign material. The version of the US rocker has become a real hammer!

There is also no lack of variety, as there are classic-romantic, emotional tracks ('When She Cries) as well as rousing groovy "Up-Ro-Date" rock numbers (' 7 Tears' - with SIXX AM- Schlagseite) and rather straight hard rock tracks in the style of the "old school" ('Rocks On The Rocks' could also have come from the LAGUNS).

In short, a really successful comeback album by SHARK ISLAND, whose return in this form was not necessarily to be expected!

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