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Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Check out Shark Island's latest review in RockinSpain.


Hard Rock in its purest form is what Shark Island offers us in its new album Bloodline on an album with eleven cuts that refer us to the essence of style and without great frills and with a way of doing it, let's say that classic and simple offer the Finally an entertaining album that is ultimately what we all want.

The album offers a vertiginous start with very catchy cuts that excite the first, towards the middle of the disc it decays a bit with more basic cuts, not for that reason bad songs, but the way to start was so strong that we got used to it badly. Towards and end the songs return to a greater enthusiasm, ballad included. But if we take a general balance, it is a pleasant and laborious album.

"Make A Move" is a sensational theme, of those who inject adrenaline as soon as you hear their first chords, hence the disc hooks to the first. We already know that it is not speed, the virtue of style, but to do things with a special strength and will, with a special rebellion. Here Shark Island handles these sensations with special care, thanks above all to the rhythmic base and the care alone, without being long or very stylized, they are perfect for their sound and peculiar way of understanding the genre. A typical song of the style as before and I liked that and it will surely hook you.

"Fire In The House" refers us back to the roots of the style, with a more leisurely theme, with a catchy and simple choir and half times that increase as the song progresses. A theme very cool with Alice Cooper. "Policy Of The Truth are those slow songs that drag heavy riffs and remind us a lot of Ozzy Osbourne of cuts like" No More Tears. " A song where the choirs stand out thanks to simple riffs and an even slower bridge.

Contributing to the soundtracks of not only one, but two brilliant films by Keanu Reeves, says a lot about his tireless proposal ... Now, a few years and several albums later, these unquestionable Kings of the Sunset Strip have returned once again to present a New album with a different touch. At that time, they were fleeing the horrible sale that once weakened the Hard Rock that SHARK ISLAND helped create, only to see it fall prey to the grunge that was already beginning. Today, they are fleeing labels of all kinds, since they, the creators, consider it convenient: their new Hard Rock from an album called Bloodline will give a lot to talk about.

Already with «Aktion Is» a cut full of energy will make you move around the house without stopping. It is precisely these types of songs, which we long for, and for which it is worth having an album like these. Rebel songs, simple but with a lot of power that are the ones that ultimately clean us from everyday dust. He is just bright, with a hallucination dot. Then I was left with the ballad "When She Cries" that are one of those that engage and that without any posturing, have achieved a captivating theme., To close with two other intense themes "Law Of The Order" and "On An On".

I think the main virtue of the album lies in its simplicity, and that they refer to their original formula to do what they do best, Hard Rock in its purest state with songs that hook and riffs that stick to the first one. Interesting album that is winning integers as they add their listeners.

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