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1.  Blue Skies  4:31

2.  Tomorrow's Child  4:50

3.  The Stranger  4:54

4.  Go West  4:23

5.  Welcome Goodbye  4:45

6.  Life Goes On  5:59

7.  Down To The Ground  3:53

8.  Looking For The Sun  6:49

9.  Heaven  5:30

10.  I Had A Dream  3:44

11.  Will To Power  5:52

12.  Need Your Love  5:37

13.  Temptation  5:19


Total Running Time:  66:06



4.0 out of 5 stars Nice follow up to Law of the Order


Format: Audio CD

Zeppelin never put out a great follow up to II,Savatage had a hard time trying to match Hall of the Mountain King,my point being that some bands just put out a debut that will never be matched.This second outing from Shark Island is solid from first track to last.

It at times sounds like Law of The Order but with a slightly more blues feel.

Gathering of the Faithful

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